New and exciting thematic talks will await visitors in 2023 in the four expositions of Regional Historical Museum - Burgas

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13 Jan

New and exciting thematic talks will await visitors in 2023 in the four expositions of Regional Historical Museum - Burgas

The four museum expositions combine efforts to offer the citizens of Burgas and the guests of the city variety, attractiveness and fascination in presenting the history, archaeology, nature and ethnography of the Burgas region. The new fascinating lectures of Regional Historical Museum-Burgas provide an opportunity for pupils and students to acquire new knowledge and skills and, last but not least, to experience fun and pleasant hours. They will be presented by museum guides and specialists ready to share their knowledge with anyone interested in the most diverse areas of history, archaeology, nature and ethnography. The talks are designed to enable visitors to learn interesting facts about the artefacts on display and the different geological and historical eras. The idea is that through these specialized and narrowly themed talks, the museum will reach teenagers, and they will visit the museum expositions and learn much more about the rich cultural, historical and natural heritage of our region.
All teachers from Burgas schools can choose a thematic talk in one of the expositions and request it in advance on the telephones of the museum sites.

List of talks:
History Department:
"The Liberation of Burgas from Ottoman Rule"
"The Road to March 3, 1878."
"The April Uprising of 1876."
"The Transformation Uprising in Burgas and the Region"
"Burgas during the Balkan Wars and the First World War"
"Industrial Burgas"
"Burgas Railway station and Port"
"Intellectuals and public figures of Burgas until September 9, 1944."
"The industry of Burgas from 1944 to 1989."
"Burgas - the city of poets and artists"
"The intellectuals and public figures of Burgas from 1944 to 1989"

Department "Nature":
"The Geology of Burgas and the Region"
"Flora of Strandzha Mountain"
"Wild animals of South-Eastern Bulgaria"
"Snakes in the Burgas region"
"Endangered animal and plant species in Burgas"
"Black Sea - creation, changes, characteristics"
"Fauna of the Black Sea"
"The water wealth of South-Eastern Bulgaria"
"Forests of Hemus and Strandja"
"Protected areas and reserves in Southeastern Bulgaria"
"The human and nature in Burgas. Threats to wild species.'

Ethnography Department:
"St. Basil's Day and Survaki"
"Epiphany Holidays"
"Kykerovden and Sirni zagovezni - the meaning of the kooker games"
"Spring folk holidays in Burgas"
"Easter holidays in Burgas"
"The Nestinar Games in Strandzha"
"Monday. How they celebrate it in Burgas".
"The hotheads - how they are celebrated in Strandzha"
"Saints of Hemus and Strandzha - the most revered saints in SE Bulgaria"
"Chapels in Strandzha"
"Autumn holidays in Burgas"
"National holidays in December in Burgas"

Archeology Department:
"Prehistoric sites and cultures in Burgas"
"Thracian fortresses in SE Bulgaria"
"Thracian sanctuaries in Burgas"
"Greek and Roman sanctuaries and temples in Burgas"
"Ancient Ports in the Burgas Region"
"The Greek Colonies on the Southern Black Sea Coast"
"The Roman cities and settlements in the Burgas Region"
"Aque calide - from ancient times to the present day"
"Bulgaria and Byzantium in the Burgas region in the 8th century."
"The Battle of Varbish Pass in 811."
"The Battle of the Acheloi River in 917."
"Assenev people in the Burgas Region"
"The Battle of Scafida in 1304"
"The Battle of Russocastro in 1332."

Contact numbers:
Historical Museum: 056/ 84-18-15
Archaeological Museum: 056/ 84-35-41
Ethnographic Museum: 056/ 84-25-87
Nature and Science Museum: 056/ 84-32-39
Directorate RHM-Burgas: 056/84-25-82

Welcome - the museum is one of the best ways to escape from everyday life and immerse yourself in a different world.



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