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20 Jul

Nestinarstvo - Bulgarian magic with glowing embers

The exhibition "Nestinarstvo - Bulgarian magic with glowing embers" is among the most attractive and desirable exhibitions of the Regional Historical Museum of Burgas. The exhibition has visited various points and regions in the country - BAS Sofia, HM-Kavarna, RHM-Haskovo, EMO "Etar", RHM-Shumen, REM-Plovdiv, etc., also travelled to Poland. Today the exhibition can be seen in the hall of the Ethnographic Exposition (69 Slavyanska Street) every day from 10:00 to 19:00 until the end of August 2020.

The author of the exposition is Tsonya Drazheva (1954-2013), who was also the director of the museum in Burgas for many years.

Everyone interested of the ancient custom will have the opportunity to see and get acquainted with exhibits and photos related to the magical dance, performed on the night of the 3rd against the 4th of June in the village of Bulgari, municipality Tsarevo. Among the most famous performers of the ritual remains Baba Zlata, who entered the embers during her whole life.



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