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08 Jun

Visitors showed their digital skills at the Archaeological Museum

More than 30 visitors joined the Wikipedia day at the Burgas Archaeological Museum (21 Bogoridi Str.) They made and shared 15 new images in the largest electronic encyclopedia, editing articles in different languages, enriching the digital content about the museum and its exhibits on the Internet. For their contributions, visitors received small awards provided by Maria Gabriel - Deputy Chair of the EPP Group in the European Parliament and Bulgarian candidate for EU Commissioner with portfolio "Digitalisation".

The initiative included people from all age groups, but the most active were a group of tudents from the 5th grade at "Petko Rosen" School in Burgas. Throughout the day, Mirem Kadir, a trainee "Digitization of cultural heritage" at RHM Burgas, explained to the guests how to create and edit publications on the internet encyclopedia, and for the lovers of photography - how to upload their photos.
"The Wikiday in the Museum aims to extend the information on the Internet for the Bulgarian cultural heritage. In this way, it reaches a wider audience and is a good advertisement for the museum expositions. Reproducing the cultural heritage in digital form at different levels and languages ​​is a complex process that everyone can contribute to." said Radovesta Stewart, PhD student in Computer Systems and Technologies at University "Prof. Asen Zlatarov" and part of the Information Department of RHM Burgas.

Visitors with smart devices tested the QR codes placed in the central hall of the Archaeological Museum. Through them they have the opportunity to learn more about certain historical concepts mentioned in the museum texts. QR codes lead to Wikipedia references, and some of the articles are written by the museum specialists.

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