Regional Historical Museum - Burgas restores its educational program "Get to know Burgas and the Burgas region"

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28 Sep

Regional Historical Museum - Burgas restores its educational program "Get to know Burgas and the Burgas region"

In view of the end of the summer season, the Regional Museum of History Burgas restores its public-oriented educational program "Get to know Burgas and the Burgas region". The idea of the inquisitive initiative is to present well-known, but not so well, interesting and significant events, persons, objects, natural features and phenomena, elements of our traditional-ritual system, archaeological finds and sites that shed light on the historical past or characterize the specifics of Burgas and the region in natural-geographical terms. Topics from different fields of knowledge will be selected and the lectures will be led by curators from the different museum expositions. We invite everyone who feels the need to know more about the place they live in and for whom museums are temples of the muses and therefore not necessarily attractive, but uplifting, full of meaning and messages.
The lectures will take place every Tuesday at 5:30 pm at the Ethnographic Museum at 17. The lectures will be held in the Ethnographic Library of the Ethnographic Museum in Sofia, Sofia, from 5 to 7 pm. They will be accompanied by presentations lasting 30 minutes. During the month of October, you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the achievements of the team of archaeologists exploring the Rusokastro fortress, recall why The day of Saint Dimytar is a particularly "personal day" in the folk calendar, and learn more about some interesting inhabitants of the Black Sea. As a guest speaker we have invited one of the special friends of the Burgas Museum - prof. Plamen Pavlov, who will take us back to the medieval era, to the date of October 26, 1185, the beginning of the uprising of the Turnovo boyars Theodore and Asen, which proclaimed the so-called Second Bulgarian Kingdom.
The first lecture of the museum-educational program is scheduled for October 3, and the topic is "A first-person account of the exodus of Bulgarians from the village of Pishmanköy, Malgarskoye in the summer of 1913". The proposed material, developed by Ivanka Deleva, chief curator of the Historical Exposition, is based on the oral narrative of a participant in the forced eviction of the Bulgarians - inhabitants of the village. Malgara, Keshan after the Second Balkan War in 1913. The narrative follows a fateful event in the life of Mara Gramatikova and her family - the dramatic journey from her native village in Eastern Thrace to Bulgaria. The difficult journey of the exiled Bulgarians ends with their settlement in Paparus (now Sarafovo), one of the newly established refugee settlements in the Burgas region at the beginning of the 20th century. The lecture is in connection with the 110th anniversary of the Inter-Union War, the end of which was the starting point for a mass refugee movement of Bulgarians, whose multifaceted impact on the historical development of our country never ceases to raise various questions, some of which are still awaiting their answers.
The entrance fee for adults is BGN 5, for students and pensioners - BGN 3.



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