Regional Historical Museum – Burgas with an exhibition and lecture on the Day of the People's Awakeners

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27 Oct

Regional Historical Museum – Burgas with an exhibition and lecture on the Day of the People's Awakeners

The first of November is the Day of the People's Awakeners - an all-Bulgarian holiday, marking the work of the Bulgarian educators, writers and revolutionaries. On this day, we pay tribute to the educators who, in years of lawlessness, with patriotism and patriotism, opened the eyes of Bulgarians to the light of knowledge, to the history of our glorious past. The people's awakeners are a bright example for us. They have bequeathed to us their deep love for the fatherland, their honesty and courage.
On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the establishment of the Burgas Archaeological Society "Deultum" and the Day of the People's Awakeners, on November 1 Regional History Museum - Burgas will mark the anniversary in the Archaeological Exhibition (21 Aleko Bogoridi Blvd.) with an exhibition from the early years of the society. Founded on April 8, 1912, the company protects and preserves the cultural and historical heritage of the city of Burgas and a large part of the southeastern territory of today's Bulgaria. A Social Museum was also created for it. The board of trustees includes: H. Bogoev - chairman, H. Valev - vice-chairman, S. Lazov - treasurer, D. Kuikov - secretary, D. Belopitov - editor, L. Obreshkov - editor's assistant and H. Protopopov - editor's assistant. Members of the society are teachers, booksellers, engineers, lawyers - some of the most educated and enlightened members of the then Burgas intelligentsia. On June 12, 1912, the Ministry of Public Education of the Kingdom of Bulgaria recognized and approved the newly created cultural organization. A wide network of like-minded people, corresponding members and voluntary collaborators has been created. A few years later, the first field studies began.
On November 2, 2022, from 11:00 a.m., in the Historical Exhibition of the Regional History Museum - Burgas at 31 "Lermontov" Street, on the occasion of the Day of the People's Alarm Clocks, a lecture will be given on the topic "The Alarm Clocks of Old Burgas". The lecture lasts 45 minutes. Entrance - BGN 5 for adults, BGN 2 for pupils and students.
Who are the folk revivalists? Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius, Paisius Hilendarski, Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, Ivan Vazov, Petar Beron, Miladinovi brothers, Petko Slaveykov, Zahari Stoyanov and many more Bulgarians who helped the people to wake up from the darkness of ignorance. In a difficult and hopeless time, with the power of their thought, they restored balance and spiritual stability to the Bulgarians.
Along with the names of the people who, on a national scale, contributed to the noble work of people's awakeners, we must not forget the creators of knowledge and enlightenment, those patriots who made efforts to raise our national self-awareness in our native city of Burgas. These are the figures of educational and church work, the founders of patriotic and patriotic organizations, the creators of public institutions. Among them we will single out the first Burgas teachers, the first mayors who set their main goal the prosperity and progress of the city, cultural workers, benefactors and creators of charitable organizations. Along with them, we can safely call those citizens of Burgas who contributed to the city developing at an accelerated pace and becoming a modern European center for a short time.



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