Prof. Dr. Ivan Hristov presents "Peninsula/Island of St. Thomas. History and Archeology of the Black Sea Islands

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09 May

Prof. Dr. Ivan Hristov presents "Peninsula/Island of St. Thomas. History and Archeology of the Black Sea Islands

The latest editions of the cultural institution NHM will be presented on May 11, 2022 at 11:00 in the National History Museum in Sofia. One of the highlights of the event is the presentation of the book by Prof. Ivan Hristov - "Peninsula / St. Thomas. History and archeology of the Black Sea islands. Prof. Dr. Ivan Hristov is a Bulgarian historian and archaeologist. Specialist in ancient history and archeology, underwater archeology. For the last 10 years he has been purposefully working in the Black Sea and archeological sites along the coast of the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Prof. Hristov participates in joint scientific expeditions with archaeologists from Regional Historical Museum in Burgas. Author of 34 books and over 120 articles. Deputy Director of Research at the National History Museum. Member of the editorial board of Bulletin of the Burgas Museum. The new book of Prof. Dr. Ivan Hristov can be purchased at the Archaeological Museum of Burgas, 21 Aleko Bogoridi street. The management of the Burgas Regional Historical Museum is pleased to remind readers and lovers of ancient history that National Historical Museum and Museum in Burgas have a cooperation agreement and that some of the facts presented in the book are the result of joint research of archaeologists from both institutions. In his new monograph Ivan Hristov examines important details of the ancient history and archeology of the islands of the Western Black Sea coast - St. Thomas, St. Ivan, Sv. Peter, St. Kirik and Julita, St. Anastasia and Levka. Some smaller islands in the Bulgarian territorial waters, which are little known, are described. Notes on the appearance and disappearance of islands have been added, of which there is no visible trace today. In conclusion, examples of irreversible processes that would lead to the emergence of new islands in the Black Sea are considered.
The topic of the book fits into the issues of the so-called "Island Archeology".
The main task of island archeology is to reveal how people used the islands in the past. Island archeology considers the geographical characteristics of the island areas as a starting point for further historical analysis, usually in comparative terms.
The captivating theme of the proposed monograph is essentially pioneering - this is the first summarizing scientific work in the field of island archeology for the Western Black Sea coast. Written in a fascinating way, the pages lead us to an island world that has been undeservedly ignored so far.



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