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19 Mar

The Burgas Natural-History Museum is now open to visitors

Two years have passed since the favourite museum of the Burgas children was closed for major renovation. The cultural monument building, which hosts the Natural History Exposition of RHM Burgas, was completely renovated with a project totalling BGN 240,439.

The repairs included complete roof replacement, renovation and repainting of the facade with all decorative elements, building drainage to protect the building from underground water, replacing the overall electrical installation, and old lighting with energy-saving. A new fire alarm system was built to maximally protect the cultural assets stored in the museum's funds. For the comfort of the visitors and the curators, the thermal insulation of the external walls was installed and the old window frames were replaced with new ones of high quality.

In 2017 a complete renovation of the museum showcases was carried out following modern concept for better preservation of the exhibits and their presentation. The exhibition received new images and bilingual texts. The emphasis on the mineral richness and biodiversity of the Southern Black Sea coast is preserved, but the exhibits are complemented by 4 modern screens with many pictures and additional information.

One of the surprises will be a new showcase that draws visitors from the door, especially the smaller ones. It presents the four species of mammals found in the Black Sea - dolphins and a seal. On the ground floor, dedicated to minerals, a diorama is made showing how the crystals are formed and growing underground. It is built with the calcite drus which are found in the already closed Burgas copper mines. That's why these unique natural specimens can only be seen in museums.

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