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14 Mar

Analysis of this year's Martenitsa competition

After the festive euphoria surrounding this year’s Martenitsa annual competition was over, Regional Museum Burgas conducted a deep analysis taking into account the results of the latest edition.
The competition involved mainly students from primary schools. For this age group may be wishful thinking in the direction of quality, adherence to tradition and use of natural materials.
Unsatisfying was the participation of secondary schools. We would like to promote next year's competition further among students in the secondary schools. [shrink]
Another direction, in which competition may expand, is to collaborate with students from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Prof. Asen Zlatarov University - degree programme Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy. This target group of young people are future teachers and assigned to work on the children's activities, future society enlightens and they should have their place and participate in such a competition working for the preservation of traditions and edifying a sense of belonging to the genus.

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Fourth important conclusion in this line of thinking is to promote this competition among Bulgarian children living abroad. They are able to spread the beauty of the Bulgarian tradition “Martenitsa”. Therefore, the competition organizers will endeavour to contact the Bulgarian embassies in order to inform children living abroad for the opportunity to participate in this patriotic initiative a contest for creation of Bulgarian martenitsas.
The decision to enter authentic martenitsas in the National Register of Cultural Property in RIM Burgas has been of great important for the tradition’s continuation. This step will not only stimulate the participants motivating them to create truly valuable in terms of staying close to tradition martenitsas, but it will also show that the initiators evaluate the importance of the work in this direction and fulfil its function.
Not least, the logical continuation of this annual competition is the idea to create a Martenitsa’s museum that would preserve this tradition’s history and upgrowth.
[url=index.php?tab=ethno&lang=[curlang]&page=encyc&enc=rituals&eid=54]Visit our gallery with pictures of martenitsas from the competition - exhibition in Ethnographical Exposition Burgas.[/url]
[url=]Images from this year's event can be viewed on our Facebook profile.[/url]



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