All scientific and educational publications of the Burgas Museum are now freely available on the museum's website

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28 Mar

All scientific and educational publications of the Burgas Museum are now freely available on the museum's website

Continuing its mission to publish the results of scientific research on the cultural and historical heritage of the Burgas region, so that they can benefit everyone and fulfill their educational and scientific goals The Burgas Museum has uploaded all its scientific and educational publications on its website. They present works on individual issues of archeology, history, ethnography and nature of the Burgas region. The published online editions are both periodical, such as the Bulletin of the Burgas Museum, and thematic, referring to a certain part of historical knowledge. They can also be downloaded in PDF format. On the website of the museum, at: Proceeding of Burgas Museum , Annual Scientific Readings in Humanities и Open Access materials where you can find the following online books, collections and periodicals:
Bulletin of the Burgas Museum Volumes I - VII Here you can find publications about the archeology, history, ethnography and nature of the Burgas region and the city of Burgas.
Aquae Calidae Volume I The results of the archeological excavations of Aquae Calidae in the period 2009 - 2020 are presented.
On the clothes they welcome... Traditional costumes from the fund of the Burgas Museum - Presents traditional costumes from the fund of the Burgas Museum of various ethnographic groups - rupees, cuttings, Zagorci and others.
Icons from the Burgas Museum - is presented in scientific, catalog form The icon collection of the Burgas Historical Museum.
Research of the Intangible Heritage of Chengene Scele - this is a publication that in itself represents the history of Chengene Scele and the cultural heritage of the fishing community of the Fishermen's Village.
Aquae Calidae - the favorite baths of emperors, kings and sultans - The book in popular science form presents the most famous since ancient times archaeological object of Burgas - Aquae Calidae. The publication is trilingual - in Bulgarian, English and Turkish, and was published as a result of a project of the Burgas Museum under the program "Cross-border cooperation Bulgaria - Turkey".
National Meeting "Good Practices: Modern Forms of Presentation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage. Advantages and disadvantages of the museum expositions ”October 2 - 4, 2019, Burgas - Collection of reports on the issues of museum expositions - temporary and permanent, with authors museum experts from all over the country.
Studies of reports from the IV National Meeting "Museums and Sustainable Development", held on June 3-5, 2015 in Burgas.
Ritual calendar for girls and bachelors: Teacher's Guide - an edition designed for history teachers, with an emphasis on traditional costumes from the Burgas region.
Ritual calendar for girls and bachelors: Student's Guide - an edition intended for students and dedicated to the traditional ethnographic cultural heritage of the Burgas region.
The collection of reports "Bulgarian refugees in Burgas and the region 1878 - 1944" - a collection of articles and research on the issue of Bulgarian refugees, with an emphasis on the processes of the late 19th - early 20th century, in which the main refugee center is the city of Burgas. Authors are experts from the Central State Archives, State Archives - Burgas, museum experts from Burgas and the region, specialists from the Institute of Balkan Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and others.
Bulgarian refugees in our memory - exhibition catalog. The ethnographic costumes of men and women of refugees from Edirne Thrace, Asia Minor, Thessaloniki, etc., who found their new home in Burgas and the region, are presented.
The Burgas fortified point during the Balkan War 1912 - 1913 - an extremely valuable publication, representing the military diary of the Burgas commandant's office during the First Balkan War, when Burgas was a center for the protection of the Black Sea coast. It describes the city of Burgas, hospitals, batteries on the southern Black Sea coast, describes the discovery of torpedoes fired against the cruiser "Hamidie", which the sea dumped on Sozopol beach and many other interesting facts about Burgas during this period. You can also find online the collections of reports on the Annual Readings in the Humanities, as well as a collection of reports at a conference on natural sciences.



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