The Burgas Fort during the Balkan War 1912-1913


The monograph "The Burgas fortified post during the Balkan War 1912 - 1913" was compiled after the study of a large volume of archival documents, which are united by one name - Major Hristo G. Popov, assistant commandant of the post during that period. In general, the archive is divided into two parts - one contains the military materials: orders, payrolls, telegrams, reports and maps, and the other group is documents of a personal nature, as well as interesting correspondence from the period when Popov was the Minister of Internal Affairs and public health. This book aims to present exclusively the military documentation related to the Burgas fortified point. At the same time, after extensive research, the personality of Hristo Popov and his biography full of remarkable moments are also presented.
Issued by: Regional Historical Museum - Burgas; author and compiler: Yana IVANOVA; Burgas, 2020 ISBN: 978-619-91678-0-9
Reference GOBL2


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