Do you know these species?

Do you know these species?

1. Bluefish

One of the most appreciated fish by gourmets. It has very tasty meat, which, however, spoils quickly and is therefore rarely available in restaurants away from the seashore. Perhaps the largest predator in the Black Sea. It grows very slowly and is threatened with extinction due to overfishing.

2. Chernokop (Baby-Bluefish)

Chernokop is actually a baby-bluefish. It is also a very tasty fish and it is caught in large quantities during autumn. This is one of the reasons why the fish do not reach maturity and the bluefish is decreasing more and more. This fish feeds on plankton and sometimes mollusk larvae.

3. Goby

“Gobius” is a collective term for 21 species of fish in the Black Sea. Some are quite small - 3-5 cm in length and 1-5 g in weight and are important food for other species. There are also larger ones that are caught for food because of their tasty meat. They have many bones, one of which - at the back of the head looks like a cross. Almost all species make nests for their eggs, which the males guard until the young fish hatch.

4. Shark

Unlike its ocean relatives, our shark is not dangerous and its meat is great for eating because of the lack of its characteristic ammoniacal smell. The sharks are very ancient fish and instead of bones, they have cartilages. On their two back fins they have characteristic spinous processes.

5. Saurel

One of the most popular and valuable types of fish for the economy. Its most destingushing elements are the comb-shaped bone processes on the side of their bodies. During sping and early summer the catch consists mainly of young saurel, known as ‘gratsa’. When they are small, these fish follow closely the big jellyfish - barrel jellyfish and hide under their mantle in case of danger.

6. Sprat

Everyone likes the small tasty fish, which move as big schools, but the sprat is becoming more rare in our sea. It is the fundament of the Black sea fishing and in addition to being a valuable fish species, has an important role in food chains in the sea.

7. Shrimp

Even though very small, the Black sea shrimp is one of the symbols of our sea. Known as “sea cherry”, in the past it was offered almost everywhere is the sea resorts. Today it is a loved delicacy, which is prepared boiled, fried or breaded. The shrimp is an important element of the Black sea ecosystem – it is food for many fish species.

8. Black clam

The most popular type of clam in the Black sea. It is one of the largest and it is used as food since ancient times. A few decades ago it was on the brink of extinction, due to the incursion of the predatory whelk, which almost destroyed it. This clam is used for the preparation of the legendary meal “Clam a la Burgas”