Knowing all the winds of the sea is a vital knowledge for the fishermen and all who live and work in and around the sea. One must understand their character, the timing of their appearance and their subsidence, their influence on sea currents, fish schools, and atmospheric changes.

The wind rose indicates the direction and name of the wind. There are slight differences in the wind roses depending on the location - whether it is a peninsula in the sea or a bay. In Chengene skele fishermen know the following winds:

Bonenti - westerly wind, Lodoz - southerly wind (strong and gusty, which can be problematic), Dramodana - cold northerly wind (makes big waves, which are not dangerous because they are on the surface of the sea), Levante - easterly wind from the open sea (fishermen consider it dangerous, it makes big waves), Maestro / Maestro - evening wind from the west (starts blowing from ten o'clock in the evening until ten o'clock in the morning), Sirocco / Sireko - blows from the southeast (a pleasant sea breeze), and Carrael and Batta Carrael are from the northwest.

There are also interesting and ancient legends associated with the winds, revealing their nature.