Recepies froom Old Pomorie

Recepies froom Old Pomorie

Now that we're home all day and part of our minds are on cooking, it seems appropriate for me to share what I read in a book on the traditions of ancient Anhialo. The study was published in Athens in 1986.

Anhialis were very fond of halvah and knew how to make it - both women and men. At any moment, anyone could toss in "Should we make halvah?" and the halvah was ready. It was prepared with semolina or flour. The gris halva was usually fried with butter and filled with sugar syrup, while the flour was fried with oil or lard and most times it was smeared with petmez. Clay or copper vessels were used.

Lalanges were one of the sweet things available, loved by little ones and big ones. The recipe is simple. With flour, water and a little salt, they made a rare mixture and with a spoon let them fry in hot oil. Then, warm they were served, sprinkled with sugar or drizzled with honey or petmez. They also made large lanlang - "ακιτμάδεϛ", which were soft as cotton.

They were one kind of baked fluffy sweet stuff that they often made from a piece of dough that should be kneaded. Oil, sugar and cinnamon are added when kneading. Then they bake.

Kalitsi and other pretzels
The Calichees were classic round ham.
However, there were cooked steamed pretzels, which before baking were boiled in boiling water and sprinkled with sugar and sesame seeds and other long ones called "simiti".

More softs, bays and many puddles were made - with greenery, pumpkin, even corn. Some bans and bagels were also available from the ovens in the city.

Γιωρ.Π. Διονυσίου „ΑΧΕΛΙΝΑ. Απ΄ τις λαϊκές παραδόσεις της Αγχιάλου”, Αθήνα, 1986,

Greek translation:
Rositsa Topalova
Curator of the Ethnography Department