Late Antique and Medieval Fortress at the Aidere River, Malk

Late Antique and Medieval Fortress at the Aidere River, Malk

Over 40 fortresses are know from the heart of eastern Strandzha (the territory of today's municipalities: Malko Tarnovo, Tsarevo, Primorsko, Sozopol and Sredets). All of them date back to the late Iron Age, antiquity and the Middle Ages. Most of the fortresses are built and used during Late Antiquity (end of III – VI C.) and show the efforts of the Eastern Roman Empire – i.e., Byzantium to counteract the invasions of barbarian tribes and peoples from the north and northwest – Goths, Huns, Avars, Slavs. Very few of these fortresses are partially explored through archaeological excavations.
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One of the few famous monuments of ancient fortification in Strandzha is the Late Antiquity fortress at the right bank of the river Aidere above the bridge of the road from Malko Tarnovo to Zvezdets (as well as other fortresses with the local name "Kaleto").

From the south and west the hill on which is located the fortress, is surrounded by the river. The area of the fortress is about 7 decares. The fortification wall is made of crushed stones, which were soldered with mortar mixed with brick. The thickness of the wall is 1,80-2.00 m.

The entrance of the fortress – a corridor between the two wings of the wall is from the northeast. In the interior of the fortified area there is a terracing of the terrain and the rousheaves of various buildings, especially near the fortress wall. The ceramics that are found on the surface refers to the Late-antiquity.

The strategic location of the fortress was also appreciated during the Middle Ages. From the collection of Regional historical museum Burgas from the fortress is documented a Byzantine anonymous folis class H (1070-1075).

The data on the ancient road system in the region allow the assumption that the fortress at the river Aidere has guarded the ancient road (used in the Middle Ages) from Anhialo (Pomorie) to Visa (today Vize in Turkey) and Heracaea (Karadeniz Eregli, Turkey).

Author: Yoto Yotov