Coin, gold

Coin, gold

Gold coin of Justinian II, First Reign (685-695). Value: AU Solidus Monetary: Constantinople 685-695.

Inscription(s): Obv. Facing bust of Christ, with long hair and full beard, wearing pallium and colobium, raising right hand in benediction, holding book of Gospels in left hand, cross behind head. Lettering: IhS CRISTOS REX RETNANTIЧM; R. Justinian standing facing, wea

Measurements: Diam. 19 х 19 mm, Thickness. 1 mm


  • Object type :coin
  • Dating :685-695 AD
  • Ruler :Justinian II
  • Country :Byzantium
  • City :Constantinople
  • Site :Aquae Calidae

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