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30 Oct

The Black Sea and its inhabitants

The Black Sea is one of the most remarkable isolated seas in the world. It lies on the border of two continents - Europe and Asia. Six countries and more than 16 million people live along its shores. For all of these people, the sea is part of their home, and no one wants to see their home polluted, their coastline turned from dunes and beaches into a concrete jungle and their natural attractions destroyed. We all want a sea with clean waters and many inhabitants, beautiful beaches and tranquillity on them. That is why on 31.10.1996 the governments of the Black Sea countries signed a Strategic Action Plan for the restoration and protection of the Black Sea. This day was declared International Black Sea Day.
On this occasion and this Tuesday (31 October) we invite you to the Ethnographic Museum on "Slavyanska" street № 69 from 17:30 to a lecture from the museum-educational program of the Regional Historical Museum Burgas "Get to know Burgas and the Burgas region". The lecture will introduce you to curious facts about our Black Sea and its inhabitants. You will learn its main characteristics, such as lower salinity, the presence of a layer of hydrogen sulfide, which is devoid of life, etc., and how these features have affected its inhabitants. Together we will answer the question of whether poisonous fish are found in our sea, how "dangerous" the Black Sea shark is, why the turbot is flat, and whether the sea swallow is a fish or a bird.
The entrance fee for adults is BGN 5, for students and pensioners - BGN 3. Visit



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